Ali Ah Baba

This title should have a few people saying, wtf?! hahaha.

Me and the girls and your sister were texting back and forth about how great your laugh used to be. I really miss that laugh the last 7 months. I miss any laughs the last 7 months. I truly don’t get it. It makes me more sad that a lot of people are losing loved ones; not just us. So many good people sick and getting ill. I won’t lie, I don’t have much empathy for shitty people dying. Sorry. Anyhow, we were talking about how you would crack up while you would be doing something and cover your mouth and just say, “Oh my God, that shit cracks me up….” I am SO glad we got this voicemail recorded. It cracks me up. It totally encompasses your entire personality. I hope wherever you are, you are smiling. We are getting along. Each of us has our moments. I had two today. I had to stop and pull over. I would rather get through the hard times now, rather than drag this out a decade or so. I know we will all miss you so much. I still cannot believe what we went through the last 7 months. If anyone knew how much work, how much blood, sweat and tears it takes to be involved in something like what we were, well, they’d truly be shocked. We never stopped fighting for you mom. We never stopped fighting to get you better care, nicer surroundings, a more loving environment and closer facilities. I laugh now at how many times they told us you were going to pass. I think I count 7 or so. You had them all fooled. You can’t tell when someone who doesn’t know the word quit will stop fighting, right? Ah. We all miss you so much. I think of all the grandkids that miss you and all the funny things you called them and just the joy you saw in all they did and how much they were going to do in life. That’s what hurts these days….what we’re all going to miss out on. I keep thinking of that first day I step on the beach with my bare feet and the emotions that are going to take me over. I want to go to the spot you were last at. I want to see what you saw. I am so happy that is the last thing you may have actually remembered in your mind. A beautiful beach filled with love. If a heaven exists, I believe that’s what it would be like. Love always, Bobby.


  1. OMG! How we would laugh on the phone. All we would need to do to brighten each other up was to sing the Prince Ali song. Did we get are craziness from Mommy or Daddy? Probably Daddy; Mommy was too stoic...LOL

    Not sure if I'll ever get to laugh again with someone so pure and real and amazing as you. Laughing over the most mundane things in life will never be the same. Like crunchy Moms, or Shoe Shopping With Jane, and the QVC host we called a Parade Float.

    Bobby mentions here about going to visit our favorite beach to relive your last beautiful and amazing day with us. Well, I was there on Friday. First I went to the stucco house, but of course it looked like a construction zone, so I went on to Sherman. It was snowing like crazy; I couldn't believe it. It never snows at the beach...ugh! Grabbed my trusty umbrella and trucked on up the dune, found a beautiful spot, stopped, put your Mass Program in the sand and started taking pictures. Wanted to move on down the dune so I could get pictures on the beach, but again, construction zone stopped me.

    It wasn't a good beach day, so I'll be going back very soon.

    I miss you so much sister!

    1. Ah. She would be SO over the moon that you did all that. She did have one of the best pure laughs and pure heart of anyone. I am happy that we have so many of them on audio and video, but the real thing can never be measured.


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