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Krispy Kreme

There's this new program on Discovery called The Food That Built America. They start talking about a donut shop in Winston Salem and another in Quincy, Mass. Here it was Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts. I was laughing. Saying Mom would get a kick out of this show. All about food and such good stories. I remember you would bring these "wet" donuts back from different stores you worked at. They were always so good. They would be in the white boxes with the green decorations and green writing. Looking back it must've been the 90's you started bringing them home. I remember another box that were really good you couldn't eat just one. I remember the krispy kreme ones cause they were just so different. Nothing we had ever had. I also remember what I thought were wet donuts, but that's how they were made. It stinks that all the memories we have with you are set in stone and new ones will never be made. We really could've used you just about every day the last

I got dreams

  Your words of encouragement or persuasion in a sense were always so timely and great. "Don't you pay them no mind..." "You are going to do great....and if you don't, it's not the end of the world..." How I do wish so many times the last few years I could hear those comments. Most of the time it was a case of just being on the phone with you and you saying something. "It's goin to be're goin to be ok..." "If they don't appreciate you, move on to someone/somewhere that will..." "You wanna go with me (fill in some thing you were doing that day/week/month), it will help take your mind of that..." I think of how many times things may have been tough or things didn't work out how you imagined and how you mentally transported yourself to somewhere. I am laughing now cause with five kids and a husband, the five of us sure did yap a lot. I wonder sometimes, if we asked you enough questions. Lik

Box Spring

I  may have told you this one but not sure. When I moved into this apt I’m in now, I told my mom I was gonna get a real bed. Up til then I had done futons. So I’m like yeah just gonna get the mattress and toss it down and that’s it. She goes….”ewwwwwwwww. You can’t do that…you need a box spring. Just get one.” I’m like mom, it’s not like that here. She’s like, “like what? People have been using them for 100’s of years. You have to get one Bobby. If you don’t people will think you don’t have class.” Every time I see that box spring now I think about that. I was like whatever mom. I’m not getting one. Sure enough I get to the store and they offer one for free so I was like yeah. Hahahahah. I still had it when I moved.  Wish you were here. You’re missing all the fun with these two crazy cats. We miss you.