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Life at The Can

I was listening to the Phils on WIP on a nice warm sunny day and was immediately teleported to The Can. Sitting in the front facing the road. The “loveseat” covered with an afghan, the tiny TV showing the Phils game, bad reception and bad color, but all good as Harry and Whitey came through perfectly. I can literally hear their voices as I would wander about the trailer. The fake wood covering the pull out dinner table and the counter. I can see Mom Mom at the little sink. Those fishing guys on the ledge staring at her. All those little cabinets hiding so much. That day I was driving and was listening, I was thrown back 35 years. Simpler times. Blissful. Happy. Pure. The Shore. The Can. The boardwalk. I can remember the off-white rope of the hammock and being so hesitant to get on it, but learned I had to get on it very carefully. The lights throughout with the side button to switch them on. Made of that plastic that only came out of the 70’s and 80’s. The shaped glasses with the yell

Train & Rain

A cold and rainy morning today. I happened to wake up around 545 this morning. Good cause I needed my insulin. I took a little mini vacation to Mystic, CT. Remembered how much I love the ocean and all things close to it. Remembering how that’s been part of my life, my happier life, for so very long. Always coming back to it. On a whim I booked a trip to Mystic, Connecticut. Amtrak had a deal I couldn’t pass up and I really needed a break from Philly cause, well, it’s just about as bad as I can take it with the violence and overdevelopment. Anyhow, took the train up at 6am. Not a soul in the station. Covid really does have tons of people working from home. I was excited to get away and got a spot on a pretty empty train. I was able to doze off and grabbed some sleep after snapping a few early morning pics.  It bothers me to no end that our creation of memories with you ended that fateful Sunday. It’s just like finishing the last sentence of a good book, but I felt like you had about thi