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It Shore Is

I was talking with Nancy about all your stays down the shore. I was talking about when you and Pop Pop lived in the place at 3rd and Asbury. I really loved that place. It wasn’t big but it was so perfect for you, him and the girls. I remember just seeing it and then going out back to that little back deck and how perfect it was. I wish Lisa and Bia had been home permanently that summer to enjoy it. It was such a cool little spot. I was thinking back about it and when I would drive from AC to OC to come stay with you all. Haha. Part of me knows you loved living there but I know it was such a stressful time going back and forth to Delco to work. I don’t know if you were working up there but I know Pop Pop was running the shop still. I can’t imagine that commute from the shore to collingdale a few days a week. I’m not sure what either of you were thinking. The stress hurts me to think of for both of you. I know staying at 3rd and Asbury made it all worth it. There was always


It's cold and windy out today Mom. The wind howling as we were supposed to get snow today. Of course I thought about so many times growing up. Today was one of those days you expected snow the whole day, but yet none came. None I saw anyway. I wanted to call you before my first day today. I wanted to hear your voice of excitement. That excitement few people can harbor for someone else changing jobs/lives/etc. I visited Malin when she was home for Thanksgiving. I don't recall that I wrote about this. I drove through the Erin parking lot and just slowly passed by the last spot we last spent time face to face. That time is so close, yet so much has changed since that time....literally days before your "last" day. It's a very vivid memory. It's always in the front of my head. Everything I did during that meal. People around us enjoying their meals. Us just having small talk. It's so weird today that was the last time I saw you. It's almost so sad it's