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Pool day

 I will write more but you would’ve been so happy to be with us today. I wish you were and you were thought of so much on Saturday. Just walking down the hill we have walked so many times, parking our cars in the lot that has not changed, the fencing that is still silver, the hill coming down, freshly mowed, the gate to get in and the little window to peek into. When I was walking in I saw Kane. I think he had just passed his test. Everything was really the same. Like you left it 25 years ago. It was hard to not see you over in your spot you occupied for so long. I definitely felt you there regardless. We got a nice spot over by the other side of the pool. It was pretty empty due to vacations and all the teams being done. The water was so nice. We all went off the medium and high dives many times. Kane was shitting his pants the first time. It was hilarious. hahahah. Acey loved it he said more than the Y. Haaaaaa. It was cool and then sunny and cool. A perfect pool day. We all had a gr

my birthday

 I was telling Bia and Lam at dinner tonight that me and you did a dinner at Ariano one night, but I couldn't remember why we went. We just happened to go there. It was good, but hot. Me, Bia and Lam did dinner at a new spot in Ridley that was really good. It had a ton of older folks enjoying their time. Of course you were on our minds. Especially with it being summer. I wonder what you would've gotten. I keep thinking of heading to RI, but doubt I will make it up this summer. Really haven't gone to the beach much this summer. Maybe next year I will do a few trips or get a rental. My birthday came and went quickly, but we had a great dinner at Iron Hill. The kids had a blast. Lots of good food and great gifts. The rain held off and we all had a great time. Super laid back and fun. I just imagined you sitting somewhere at the table; smiling and laughing. No worrying, no arguing. Just pure fun. Uncle Steve mentioned he had talked to Dad about how great the days at Upland Stre