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Mom is definitely looking out for me. Some crazy shit is happening in my dreams. I must of overshot my insulin overnight and I had a low of like 69. Woke up eating sugar to get it back. My dreams were all over the place. Lots of friends in them. Doing all types of stuff around the area. In one dream, I was being told a message of a player who played for the UCLA bruins who has diabetes. I don’t even know the name of one current college baseball player. I just woke up and I immediately google UCLA baseball player with diabetes and I come up with this. I legit just shook my head and laughed. I can't even make sense of it. I sure as hell don't follow Bruins baseball. Life is crazy.

Peter Cottontail

Did back to back rides in this heat this week. Another today if it doesn’t lightning. I was heading down Kelly Drive, my usual route. I never see rabbits out there with birds, just playing. I pass this one group of animals and I can see about 4-5 robins and a brown rabbit. Beautiful. I laughed cause all I could think of was your “Here comes Peter Cottontail” song you would sing around Easter time and do that baby rabbit/dinosaur thing with your hands and hop around and then just collapse in laughter. Ah, those were the good old days. I remember how many times you would set out all our baskets and candy. How great it looked and how nice the weather was during Easter Sundays growing up. It was always like a chilly morning with some warmth coming in and then by the afternoon it was almost like a summer day. I wish we took more pictures, made more memories about those days. I know there are a few pictures around of the baskets, but they only do it so much justice. I was watching a show l

Off the Whitman

Writing to a German friend on his own sixty-fourth birthday, ten years after his paralytic stroke, Whitman reflects on what the limitations of living in a disabled body have taught him about the meaning of a full life: From to-day I enter upon my 64th year. The paralysis that first affected me nearly ten years ago, has since remain’d, with varying course — seems to have settled quietly down, and will probably continue. I easily tire, am very clumsy, cannot walk far; but my spirits are first-rate. I go around in public almost every day — now and then take long trips, by railroad or boat, hundreds of miles — live largely in the open air — am sunburnt and stout, (weigh 190) — keep up my activity and interest in life, people, progress, and the questions of the day. About two-thirds of the time I am quite comfortable. What mentality I ever had remains entirely unaffected; though physically I am a half-paralytic, and likely to be so, long as I live. But the principal object of

Reading by Mandy Tokolics

Mandy Tokolics Reading – July 14 th , 2020 You’re very anxious. Why? I can feel that. Why are you so worried? Spirits are ready to talk. Lots of chatter. I have a lump in my stomach. Is there something wrong with your stomach?   Yes, I have diabetes. They want to mess with me and my energy. I can’t tell if they’re male or female. I feel a female energy coming through. They are very nurturing and loving. Female energy. They are on this side. I can’t see. The main person is laying on the floor. They are in someone’s lap. They are a highly angelic being in the physical sense. Is the last name with an “en” or an “in”? Yes, our last name is Malin. I see a fish. Did anyone fish? My pop pop and I fished. Someone is cradling her. Did this happen? Was her passing quick and sudden? Yes, she had a sudden brain aneurysm. I am getting someone named Barbara or Baba or WaWa…it could be Pop Bob. That’s it. Is she new to the other side? Yes. 2019. Don’t be afraid to let he