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I was walking in Shoprite the other day. As I came up the aisle with the pancake and waffle batter, I got a huge whiff of syrup. Since I don’t eat breakfast, it has been a minute since I smelled that sweet enjoyment. The next 20-40 steps were emotional. At first I was happy cause I had this vision of so many great breakfasts you cooked for us at 988. The perfect eggs fried so great, the bacon coming off the griddle that caught the grease that looked like you worked in a diner after it was all over, toast toasted to perfection. Scrapple just right. Anything you made you was good for breakfast. Always about 10-20 pieces of French toast or pancakes. I swear. I would have 2-3 plates. I can always remember that scene. It’s always sunny for some reason. There’s a little chill coming through the window as you were whipping up so much magic. 1060 playing in the background,. I am sure after I left the house a few things played on the radio as you got into sports radio. I can just taste that gr