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I remember the day I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I needed a new iron. I got some name brand. I still have it. Rowenta! Off topic, Jason & Madison's wedding was a blast. Truly was a spectacular time. It was truly a family affair. Everything really went well. We all had so much fun. Small, intimate, close, fun. It all went by so fast, but got some quality time with the bros up in the room. Just time I think we all needed. Jason looked like Dapper Dan. I really wanted to think "what would Mom say to Jason on such a special day?" I know you would've loved his suit and her dress. Both looked amazing. I visualized you hugging him and hugging her. Me, you, Dad sharing some laughs. You, Kathy having a laugh. Brigitte and you having a smoke outside in the rain talking about something funny. It really was just a great day. I really wish you could've been there.  I dropped that iron the day I bought it. You always wanted me to bring it back and I never did. I kept the


I woke up this a scene...of us at the MacDade Ruby's. It was just so real feeling. I felt like you and I were sitting at a table there and just enjoying the time. I could feel your prescence right close to me. It was like we just walked in and were being shown our table. I remember those little brown booths with the light nearby. Typically, sit down, then just get right back up to get your salad. It was just so close to feeling you there. You sure did love going there. Ha. I think in one way you felt fancy going there...even if it was on MacDade Blvd. Always do that one app I can't think of, something and artichoke dip. ah. I can't remember. Then the tried and true quesadillas. hahahahahhaha. You would always people watch. My God. Ha. I knew you just liked seeing people of all types. Come in, you would smile. If they were, um, someone you would think I would find atypical, your eyes would open up wide and you would grin. Knowing that I wanted to say something,