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 Finishing a book about Lou Gehrig. This quote was applied to him after the country lost another great American. Just seemed perfect for him....and you. I swapped words out for you. "Death had to take her sleeping; for if she had been awake, there would have been a fight..." Live look at the 9th St beach. I hope you like it..hope you're there...walking.   

February 21st, 2022

I know I could have saved your ashes to put into the ocean, but I wanted you to have the journey, all the way with the currents, to the open sea. And I know that when I finally get to see the waves washing on the shore, to hear them, I will feel you there. - Ava Dellaira

For those readers across the globe...

I hope you enjoy my writings about my mom. She was an absolutely great human being who loved her family, her life, her friends, Mother Nature, and just smiling with people. She is sorely missed, but I enjoy writing about her. I hope there is someone in your life you can think of that makes you feel good.  Always remember to forget t he troubles that passed away. But never forget to remember t he blessings that come each day.  -Irish Blessing Bob

I wonder if he's fixing mowers in heaven...



Picked my phone up at 4:44am. I’m gonna have to look that number up now. Part of me wishes technology wasn’t so accessible but then where would I have to create. I keep thinking about how hard you fought for Pop Pop to get better after his fall. How much we fought for you after your incident. How much Kathy fought to survive. That cycle that ended….but a fight nonetheless. It confuses me. It is sad to have witnessed it 3 times in what seems like such a short amount of time in life.  4:44...As mentioned above, the most-cited meaning of the 444 is that you are being  guided by angels . In that reading, the number 444 is a sign from heaven to let you know that there are angels around you,  watching over you, guiding your path, and protecting you . The angel number 444 has shown up for many people around the world, often at 4:44 in the morning.   I was in the Target near where I live, where Bia lives. I imagine you coming to see us and just walking around enjoying our little "R