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Christmas Lights

Ok. Dad did a great job. We all had full bellies. We blew out two cakes. I went into my old room, now your room. I told you I missed you, I touched your box of ashes. I reflected for seconds. I looked at the shells on the bed spread. I thought about the beach. I thought about your hugs. Laughs. I was visiting Malin, Beth, Aunt Bootsie…turned out to be a great time with Kathy and all the Fehrle girls getting all of Mal’s old dolls. I left, sun down, passing the Erin. The last place I was physically with you. This is super hard to type without crying…so I am crying. I slowly drove in, then I replayed that day. We walked out from a great meal. You went to your car and got the bag from Rally House. Tissue paper exploding. Always same comment. “It’s just a little something….” I was so happy to get that Sixers shirt and Eagles hoody. Perfect. The type of hug I gave you that day. I could’ve cracked your spine. I picked you up off that ground as if, as if, as if… was….our last hug. From m


I am writing now while it’s still fresh in my head. My oh my. You would’ve been so proud of everyone tonight. Well maybe everyone but me. Haha. The clan really outdid themselves. Lisa brought the desserts, Dad got enough food from Folcroft Pizza to feed a small army, he got treats like you did, he even had gifts for the birthday boys and girls. I made an effort to go see Aggie….talk to her about seeing Mr. and Mrs. Sibbett. Mr. Sibbett telling me more dirty jokes in 30 mins than I heard the last 20 years. Mrs. Sibbett telling me, “Bawbee…you’ve been on some adventures…you’re always going somewhere, but we are glad you’re back…” Me seeing Erica and her husband, Mark DeVaco, who I always enjoyed talking to. We had a great time. For first time in a long time, I felt back…with people not being blood. Sunday morning I picked up Pop. We learned some folks in the family were sick. We talked. Then we locked ourselves out. I walked around front and thankfully Steven was literally standing righ