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Fall In

How can we have fall and not think about you so much? I’ve gone back and forth with not wanting summer to end cause it went so quick and early on I didn’t see anything good coming out of it but alas it was good.   What I remember about fall….us going shopping for new clothes at the mall and Kmart or Bradlees. The rubber smell of pencil cases. Picking out our favorite lunchboxes. I’m almost sure I was still young enough to have a metal one and think it was Superman or Spider-Man. You shopping for the girls. All their little outfits. I think many from House of Bargains. I think you could get so much there. Remember fall cleaning as weather like today hit. It’s almost winter here. Remember many mornings coming down to eat cereal. Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Honeycombs, fruity pebbles. While you checked out the latest of the Delco times over cup of coffee and a few cigarettes. I would just sit there in my bowl of sugar and be quiet as I destroyed some food. The girls all coming and going get