Still a bit chilly in the tri-state area. I know you’d be giving me a call on your way home from Heather’s. We’ve all played your messages and videos so much. It really doesn’t make things easier, but it makes me laugh. You were usually always in a good mood. It’s like, I don’t know anyone who can live like that. You were just so happy to be alive. And you were happy for other people who were happy. Or you were there to help them work towards being happy…even if you’re life was not anywhere close to perfect. I think that’s the part that is hard, knowing how hard you had it. How hard I know you worked. How you weren’t always comfortable to be in certain situations or places. I hope wherever you are right now, you are alive and free and feeling completely loved. You deserve it. I figure everyone in Heaven gets what they wanted in their life on earth. No real messages from that famous psychic Lisa and I went to. I think you’re probably were like, “I’m not going there…” Lisa and I joked that you, Pop Pop and Mom Mom were on the beach and for this event, you had to go to some special building in Heaven and you’re all like, “Screw those matherfackers….we’re keeping our asses in the sand….” And then you yell at Pop Pop for having chips all down his shirt…Dad, you’re all over the place…” Oh how I wouldn’t give for one day on the beach with you all. I really didn’t know how good we had it with you, Pop Pop and Mom Mom and the sea. That’s all I can really hope Heaven is like. You guys and the ocean. We are trying our best to get along, but this is not easy at all. It’s hard to go places. It’s causes a lot of anxiety. We remember a lot of the good times, but then in private remember the good times and the hard times and the hard conversations we had. I definitely think our family went through too much in the last few decades. I think and realize how a lot of things really just didn’t need to happen the way they did and how things should’ve been different. Now that I know the signs, I can be more proactive, but also know I won’t have that in my life going forward. A lot of lessons learned. I want to say no regrets, but I wish I would’ve drug you to the doctors or you had someone poking you to take care of yourself instead of you always being the caretaker. Anyhow, I know you’d be saying, “Bobby, you’re so crazzzzyyyyyyyyy…” I was able to get your fingerprint from Cavanaughs and I went to RC’s in Ridley last night and got some new ink. RC wasn’t there, but I was able to get it done by a fantastic artist named Jen. We talked and talked about everything that happened. Your incident, my endless battle with every partied involved and your final days, but also you as a person. It was VERY therapeutic. She was great. I love the tattoo and I walked out very happy and positive and just breathing again. I made sure to get my Delco crack aka Swiss Farms Diet Lemon tea. You know we don’t have that in the 215. I wanted to drive by the house, but I didn’t. I feel like that’s not where I want to remember you cause you were just a part of so many other places that hold so many positive feelings for me. We miss you so much. Love you. Bobby


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