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I wish I could call you for some advice. In my mind you are so close but of course you are not here and I just sit alone in my car or on my couch and ask you to guide me and help me through the tough times. The times o question everything. I joked with Theresa after telling her I came down with Covid. I said. It was such a beautiful day today. I have so many memories of coming home from delcroft or Ashland or AP. Cold but warm spring days and windows open, the fresh vapor of windex and pledge coming out of the house. I would know cause all the windows would be open. I would always laugh cause I knew it was your thing.   It’s been a crazy last few weeks. Got to Newport for a much needed staycation. Worked there and just had a few moments. Legit walked right to the dock at night after chowder at the Black Pearl. I felt like a local at this point. Alone but not alone. Some kind hearted couple found out is was my first bowl ever and they picked up the tab. Fish tacos at Benjis. Lobster rol