Candle Holders

From till doesnt feel real...its so weird i was thinking about her last night and it was just out of nowhere but i thought about these pillar christmas candle holders and candles that she gave me for christmas years about 10 years ago...i put them out every year and they are beautiful and every year when i put them out for christmas, i always thought of her and how beautiful they are...because christmas was always about the kids and i would have open house parties at my house on christmas eve and her, your dad and i really didnt exchange gifts, but they always had something for malin and one year she brought over an extra box for me and i said, "Pat, what the hell are you doing, you shouldnt have done that" because i didnt have anything in return to give her but she said" i just saw them and thought of you. i know how much you like to decorate for christmas and i thought they would look beautiful on top of your amoire' and i wanted to drop them off to you before i headed to kathy's for christmas eve"...and she already knew in her head where she wanted me to put them which was the funny part..she said" they would look beautiful on top of your amoire' on the left hand side and you cant seperate them, they have to be together"...and i said uh ok...i will put them there since you are the decorator they are very beautiful but honeslty what was just as beautiful was the box that they were wrapped we all know she worked at macys or wanamakers or somewhere like that wrapping gifts and this box looked like it was right out of a was so beautiful that i didnt want to open it...the bow, the wrap, the ribbon with a little touch of holly in the bow...just festive and beautiful...and i even said to her that i didnt want to open it because it was wrapped so beautifully but i did and the candles were in a red Macy's box wrapped in beautiful tissue paper...and every year when i put them on top of my amoire' in the living room, not only do i think of her but i think of the box they were wrapped in...and this just popped in my head last night out of nowhere and i thought how hard it will be when i take them out of the beautiful macy's box and display them on my amoire' but i also remembered the big smile i always had on my face when i took them out and carefully washed them off and put them up on my amoire' on the left side, together, not seperated...but next christmas i know my smile will be even bigger when i take them out because now they have so much more meaning...honestly i received alot of gifts over the years but they are one of my most favorite gifts that i received as an adult that i cherished every year when i put them out...i also have a Santa penny bank that my brothers and i had when we were kids where there is a slot in the back of the santa and you put your change in there but its weird, for the past 10 years i always had the candle holders on the left side of the amoire' and the Santa penny bank on the right side...they are my 2 most cherished christmas decoration...i will show them to you some day...they are sooooo your mom...hahahah...i just thought of the joy that she brought to me when she gave me those and the smile and the sweet thoughts i had of her every year when i put them up and decorated my house for Christmas...xoxox


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