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Let them eat cake!

Wanna hear something creepy but cool. So mom and I went to the Erin for my b day. We had a great meal. It was so nice. Of course mom talked to waitresses to bring me out “cake” for my b day. For some reason mom never remembers what foods I liked....except snickers. So out come the waitress with a slice of cake for me. She puts it down in front of me and I see that it’s cheesecake. I say, “Mom, thanks but I don’t like have it...” she took the candle out and went to town. And in some way may be that was me celebrating her birthday.....and let her have her cake and eat it to. Mom’s 60th

From Island Road to Rhode Island

Just called your sister and told her about what came to my mind when I messed up saying Island Rd. That’s so your life. I bet you would love that. You’d be laughing and saying “Oh, Bobby, you’re so funny...” Kathy and I were laughing. Sitting here thinking of all your travels. I mean. You logged a lot of miles!!! Darby, Philly, Glenolden, Folcroft, Ocean City, Manoa, South Philly, NoLibs, Mamora, Collegeville, Cancun, Newport, Providence, Penn State. Probably so many more to mention. Ah. You loved the freedom of driving and traveling to other places. I went out to dinner at a place in Fishtown. I know you would love it. Good food and drink. I was driving home and remembered the time you got stuck on 676 and in Center City for like hours. I thought you might’ve been scared but you just blamed yourself. And really...nothing to be sorry about Mom. You always gave it your best effort. 


Having a really tough day today. Thinking so much about the last time you called me, the last time we spoke, the last time we had dinner, the last time we laughed…..I remember it all. I want to make sure that I never ever forget it. I was just talking to Pralle about all of it. Lots of good advice from “Church Boy”. Actually was able to get out a laugh about it all. Pralle said, “Dude...u always make me look bad when u do that!! Lol!! I hear.."theres Bob taking his mom out again.." wtf...ok mom...bobs a good son...i get it!! Haha” Never ever trying to show anyone up, but it is funny when I think about it. Literally like the 100 or so times we ate out the last 10-20 years. Man. I could go on forever about all the places and soon I will list them all just cause I will have to really think. Ah mom, so many people have so many good things to say about you. Mostly how you made them feel. “Your mom helped me clean my house….” “Your mom really helped me with my confidence o


Hi Mom, It's cold and leftover snow here in Philly. I came back from my trip on Sunday. I had a good time. A great balance of time alone and time with old friends and new friends. I thought about you and the girls a lot. As soon as I got there I posted few pictures just like you guys were there. I know that you would've been all over me about going down there alone, but I really just had to get away and it couldn't have turned out any better. I mean, it would've been absolutely awesome to have had more people down there I knew, but I met some really awesome people. The place was great and as soon as I got in I got upgraded to an amazing room. I felt you were there and just looking over me and helping me make the most out of my trip. As soon as I got there, I dropped my stuff, got my trunks on and literally ran to the ocean and jumped in. My was so beautiful. You would've loved it. I vegged for a few hours out there. Just thinking. I got emotional a few time

The hurt. The life. We will be strong..for you.

I miss her too! My heart hurts for you. I think about you all the time and don’t know what to say or do. I cry when memories come up on my Facebook of her. I try to remember all the good times. When Lisa was talking about when Lam got lost down the shore it brought back so many good memories to me! How much fun we had until the day Lam was lost only Lam didn’t know she was lost. When I first moved to folcroft and didn’t know how to drive but I had a car, your mom would drive me to work then go to work herself then pick me up after work. Driving two footed because the car would stall if you took your foot off of the gas. Her dying both our hairs before Elkins park picnic and my hair turned orange and hers turned purple. I have a lifetime of memories but I want more. It’s so unfair. We should be talking about the good times of last summer. They were suppose to join us in wildwood one of those days so all the grands could be together. I’m sorry I’m rambling I miss her too! Love you.

New Years Eve

Ah Mom. I don’t even think words can express what I’m feeling right now. Right about now you’d be calling me and asking me what I’m up to for tonight. I would be enjoying a beer with friends and letting you know. You would say, “almost time for me to hit the rack...” unless you went to Bia’s. The holidays are so bittersweet. We had a great time with so many people but obviously a huge void in our hearts. You. You always made Christmas so special. Lam even found a few old pictures and the only one I know of you in the kitchen. It’s cold and rainy tonight. You would definitely say be careful, don’t drive, stay with your “group” and if you need a ride call me. Always there for us. I don’t want to be sad because I realize how lucky we are to have you in our lives and how fortunate we are to have such a wonderful woman as our mother. I guess I’m selfish and I just miss the calls, the check ins, the impromptu lunch/dinner/drinks. I know I gave you a lot of my time, but I want more of your ti