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Missing my friend

 Please care for our family up there like you did down here. We all miss you so so so so much. I just now had this feeling to call you. For some reason I wanted to FaceTime you but you never had an iPhone. It was like my memory totally forgot that you were gone. It was like an instinct to call you; which I guess shouldn’t be surprising since we spoke daily. I wish you were here for the holidays, well every day, but these holidays were definitely different with all that is going on. I would’ve loved nothing more than to sit at the table in the kitchen and just talk, smell your cooking, KYW1060 on, the window cracked and a chill coming through. I wish I just spent more time. I know we all say that after the fact. We definitely had so much fun with you. The longer we are apart the more I realize you were such a vital part of our growth and success and just who we are. I miss our talks and our drives around anywhere. I sure do miss you. Bobby 

A friend

 Mom, it's your birthday. As much as I want you back, I am thankful for what you gave me and your family and friends. Today is hard. I can't lie. I try to think about other things, get through the day, but it's hard. I posted a picture of you on Facebook. It almost feels like you will see it and just comment something funny, but alas, that's not happening. I am not going to cry again. I just don't want to go down that path right now. I want to be happy on the day you were born many years ago that turned into creating lives of the 5 of us and lending your love and friendship and motherly/sisterly advice to so many. I was delighted to see a friend of so many years comment on my post and I want to include it in this post. I don't want to forget anything...nothing before, nothing during, and now, nothing after. We all miss you. We miss you so much. I remain, as always, your son. Happy Birthday Mom. I hope you're having a Peps, maybe a piece of pie or cake or wha