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Every day you welcome new opportunities

Man. Mom. You are such a fighter. So proud of the fight you put up. I happened to go on your linkedin profile because I remember I helped you with it and then you must’ve deleted that profile or whatever we wrote and wrote your own.  With 30 years of retail food I revern the day to day changes and operations that come with this level of business. Everyday you welcome new opportunities, from a New Customer, to mentoring an un-trained new hire, to making a profit line a sucess story, Alot goes into this business,much more than most will ever realize,but for me going to work was always a new horizon. Im certainly hoping that sometime soon I may return to the Retail Food Industry. It felt so good to read another piece in your own writing. You always loved writing and talking about your friends and family. Made me happy. Times are not easy right now. We all just want our PattybytheSea back. Lots of tough discussions and what not just aren’t what we want right now. We found a big

The fight

It’s quiet in your room. Actually slept pretty well last night. All things considered. At this point you’re kind of super human, but I guess we knew that all along. Proving all the doubters wrong. Doing things many thought were impossible and fighting the good fight. We are all so proud of you Mom. I guess the mantra “never give up” is basically who you have always been. Temps dropping here and saying snow on the way. As always, who the hell knows what we’re going to get? I guess I will decided at some point to head back into the city. Getting real used to being out in Delco again. And who the hell knew that there were so many good places to eat?! A ton better than Manayunk!!! I can see you saying, “you’re crazzyyyyy Bobby….stay in the cittteeeee….”…, but man, so many great places to eat and lots of houses popping up. You would probably send me about 20 every day. Just like you did with the shore. Ah mom. We’ll get you your shore house someday. I know you want us to do it the right

Downeaster Alexa and The Itty Bitty

I always thought of Newport when I heard this song. Such a great song and all about the east coast and New England. It was hard to listen to it and not get emotional about all the good trips. Got me thinking the other day about The Bitty or The Itty Bitty or The Big Shed or The Fort or whatever we called your little summer place that one summer. Man. That was such a cool little place and it was all yours! I know that summer was tough for all of us and I made it down there more than a few times. It was so nice to leave and just walk around OCNJ and enjoy the weather. I remember we went and got steaks at that one place. Can’t remember the name right now. We sat at a picnic table and just ate outside. Such a good meal and good time. That place was really small, but man, you made the most of it. I remember you telling Lisa they could come down and I’m like, “we’re all going to have to sleep standing up!...and Aaron might not even fit in the place!” It was always so nice at night there.