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Sitting here trying to study stuff I am not really into today. I don’t know why I thought about it, but I remember our trip to Providence on our way to Newport. Really the first time I rode the train with you as an adult. I remember how proud of you I was for not even being the least bit worried or concerned about everything happening on our way up. The busyness of it all. That was a really great train ride. The time of year we went slips my mind. I know it was warm cause I had shorts and Asics on, but not sure how warm. I remember that we had a row basically all to ourselves, so something tells me we went on a day it was not busy. Part of me doesn’t even think we had to really sit together. I have this memory of us sitting together and we ate some lunch on there, but it’s not very vivid. I remember we got off in Providence and were again hungry. We got an uber or cab to the car rental place. I just remember leaving that tiny train station in Prov and we were dragging our carry-ons acr

You would've been 65 today...

What can I really say. It sucks I can't take you out for your birthday. My day, well your day, started off bad. Stupid people at work blaming me for something out of my control. Instead of getting fired up....I thought, WWMD...What would Mom do? I think about how many times across your life, young and old, you faced adversity. I think a lot about your places of work and how you just wanted to "do your 8 and skate". More and more as I age, deal with idiots in Corporate America, I think of when you told me that. It really is great advice. I really wish you were here to celebrate your special day. I got sad today. I saw Pralle posted on your page and just broke down. I thought. My longtime friend took time out of his day to write that. I always really loved when he would call you Mrs. Malin. I can literally hear him say that SO many times. And a grin on dude's face when you asked him some question he knew he had to lie about. The dude literally is the worst liar I know.