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I can see you calling me this morning with your sleepy, scratchy, stayed up too late voice...."Bobby.....didja see that game?.....Like...Wow....Go Eagles! Go Eagles! Woot Woot" Ah, those are the things I miss most about you. Always a pleasant or funny thing to say or talk about. Just pure positivity. It's truly a beautiful morning today. Slept like a champ. Lisa went to a psychic and she was told some pretty incredible things. I wish you had maybe come to one of us about being confused. I said that the getting lost in the city for two hours may have been the only time you told me anything about being confused. I guess you were embarrassed to talk about something that maybe you thought someone would laugh at or think silly, but I remember when you told me and I didn't think it was silly or funny. I said it happens....looking back I don't believe that being lost in the city you've known your whole life for two hours just happens. Especially not Center City. I re

Walking for PattytheSea

Hi Mom! So real quick. Yesterday we did a great thing. A walk for you and all of the angels and survivors from brain aneurysms. It was a great turnout, but talk about the before. In just about 2 weeks, we were able to raise almost $7,000 for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation! So many great people that love our family and you really showed up. It just shows how much you were loved and how many special people there are around us. We really felt great that so many donated. We walked. We ran. We smiled. We enjoyed the sunlight. I was so thankful to everyone that showed up...last year it was just me because I only learned about it later. Anyhow, so many families, some with pictures of their angels. Some with matching tee shirts like us. The girls did a great job pulling it all together. It was really special. Me, Jason and Timmy did the 5K. Timmy grabbed 3rd place! So awesome. Then after snacks and talking and just standing in the sun and enjoying the Navy Yard and all the positivity. So grea

Things you’re missing…

Your family. Especially the grandkids. Ace, Kane, and Lucy sure are missing out on such a wonderful person. Harper, Paytone, Leah, Quinn….all getting so big. And sadly you were not around to see Bennett. Going down the shore Driving around Delco….and Philly…and Jerzee A Wawa pretzel and a cold Pepsi Getting the Folcroft Pizza Special Your Chinese food from Hong Kong…and years back Seven Stars. Paying extra 2.00 for extra shrimp. Having your own car….and it being paid off. Shooting the shit with your sister at her house….that I think you loved being at. Prepping for the summer with all your paper products and tastykakes. The friends you worked with in just about every A&P or Super Fresh and even ACME in the tri-state area. I know they miss you. A meal with one of your kids. A good beer…especially from Newport. Driving around the shore and looking at houses…longing for your own place….that you definitely deserved. Talking on the phone to any of us. Talki

The Summer Wind

I took a nice long bike ride yesterday. Helped to clear the head and man, sore all over today. Typically only the legs. Definitely back in the workout routine and loving it. I read your post about Pop Pop and now, I totally get your words even more than when you wrote them. I try to focus on all the good times you two had together. All the trips. The time down the shore and the can. You guys really did have a special bond. As he seemed to have with all of his kids. I do miss him, but I laugh when I think of him. He was just such an amazing person. Always just there to listen, or talk and laugh. So many gestures he would make…and just a man who genuinely liked being around people. People of all ages, races, sexes and whatever else. Ha. I know you guys had so much time in the car rides up and down the coast. You living down on Asbury seemed to be like Heaven for both of you. I have fond memories of that tiny house and the step and the quiet you both really wanted. I even think you ha