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Truly a beautiful fall morning today Mom. Got a chance to really see a great sky and the sun driving from Jersey into Philly. As I was coming under the South Street overpass and then passing 30th Street Station, I remembered that time you told me that you got lost in Center City for like 2 hours. I wanted to revoke your “Philly” card. I know it made you a little nervous, but you always made your way around the city like lightning. I remember us talking, I think the last time you were in my car and we discussed the fact that 676 connects 76 to 95 in a way. I knew that my message may not be getting through. I think we actually took a drive just to see that entrance. Ah. Make me laugh. You sure do get around in your little Pattimobile. Think that thing ran on coffee and Wawa pretzels. You definitely got around town….and all shore points south. We keep hoping that you will come back to us. No day gets any easier, but I think we take some solace in knowing you are somewhere safe, warm, and

My Ambassador of Goodwill

Hey Mom. Well, you’re finally up near us and closer to all of us now. Over there in Plymouth Meeting. It’s actually a nice place with lots of grass and trees. You’ve opened your eyes a few times, but still sleeping. Been thinking a lot lately. Just a lot about the last time we hugged and I saw you. It was the day before my birthday. We had a nice dinner at the Erin. I think we both got seafood combos. Of course you had coffee with your meal. We talked about things. Not everything was as positive as we both probably would’ve liked. You even had them bring out a little slice of cheesecake for me. I guess you thought I liked cheesecake, but I don't. You said have some and I said I didn't like it and I gave it to you. Who would've thought? We went outside and you and I talked in the alley and you gave me my gifts. A cool Sixers shirt and an Eagles hoody. Typically I am always critical before I am thankful. This time, the last time I got anything from you, I said I loved them. W

Passing notes

I was talking to Heather tonight. We talked about how much you are missed. And here, you leave bread crumbs. You left her notes all over the house in the form of post it notes. Who does that? Mom you rock! Really. That’s just such a nice gesture. I am so glad you did it. I am happy Heather and her family get to read things from you right now. It really makes it like you are there. You’re such a special person. Always trying to make others feel better...even now. So selfless. We all miss you so much but I feel you all around us. I keep getting stories my way. They make me smile. I am happy you are closer to us now. You’re our hero mom. You really are. I love you and miss you. Bobby PS Lam and I went to luckys on Main Street for some burgers after she left Lisa’s. You would be proud I did no bun. She got the PB&J bacon cheeseburger. She loved it. We walked back down the path you and I would walk down home. It was a nice night. You were thought of a lot.

We are working so hard to get you back home.

We finally got approved and paid for you to be moved. Can't wait to get you closer to us. Last week you opened your eyes all on your own. I can only hope it's a sign of things to come. Kathy was in the room with you and she said she turned away and then turned back toward you and both your eyes were open for 20 seconds. Little miracles are still miracles is what my neighbor said to me last night as I was heading out to get some food. We just want you closer. That's really it. Everyone has been working so hard and doing what we can to keep going. It is not easy. Not at all. I always think that you fought for so much in your life and always worked your ass off, so that's what we have to do. I can't even imagine how you did it with 5 kids. All those late nights and early mornings. Truly a warrior. It makes me laugh now. So many people reach out about how hard you worked, how fun you were to work with, how positive you are, and how you just always tried to make someone

A fan of sports. A fan of life.

I was driving around Manayunk running errands and listening to 94 WYSP and just remembering how much you got into sports radio these past few years. Maybe it was by chance. Maybe it was the family connection we now have with Terry’s brother in law. I don’t know. I remember you would laugh about what they would talk about and the occasional “Mikey Mizz” shout. I think you listened to Angelo and the guys in the morning a lot past few years. Deep down you have always been a sports fan. I always remember the first calls I would get after a big home team win. I can remember as far back coming back from the pool. It may have been like the first week of the pool or early opening. Anyhow, I remember watching the Flyers-Oilers Stanley Cup series in the living room. It was a humid and gray day. Of course we spent all day at the pool. I can still picture that scene. You always knew what was going on with the local teams and as we got better in the later years, you would always call and be like, “