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Oh, how I wish you were here...

It’s cold as hell Mom! Ha. I can always hear you when I am thinking like what the hell? I can hear you say something to me that grossed you out. “Ewwwwwwww….Bobby…..soooooo gross…..” The video that Heather sent was great. So was the video that Kathy took. It is SO you. Now you’re all over the World Wide Web! Who would’ve thought? My mom is being read about in Israel? Can you believe it? Well, I can. I love it. The video at Lisa’s about Bia’s baby’s name. “Lovey”. Then you and Parker. You’re loving, yet annoyingly way to get someone to just get up and get out and live life. I find it so much more in this part of my life. Helping each other is SO very important. Cheering people up is SO important. Actually being honest about your feelings (good or bad) are SO important. While we can’t always have things our way, at least we can be open and honest and if not that, then it is ok to retreat to safer ground. This week at work definitely tested me and a lot of people I know. Tough to see peop

White China

Day off tomorrow. Was catching up on some learning and sitting here in the dark debating what to do tonight. I have been staying in way too much. Not like it’s been warm out, but still need to get out more. I was talking to Kathy about a story you and I had. I remember one Christmas you gave me this gift. It must’ve weighed about 30lbs and was perfectly square. I am like, “what is this? A safe?” I couldn’t figure what it was. I had no idea. So tore the wrapping off and it was a brown cardboard box. Still wasn’t sure cause it wasn’t really telling anything on the cardboard. So I opened the top and I could see these rows and rows of white dishes separated by thin cardboard dividers. Of course I was like, “what in the Sam hell is all of this nonsense?” Of course I wasn’t grateful, like I should’ve been. So we go back and forth, “Mom, what am I gonna do with place settings for eight people?” With a straight face, you were like, “Have a dinner party and invite your friends over….” As if

Happy Valentine's Day

The last time I had a “bid day” we were down your rental down in the OC. I will never forget it because I had that stupid eye ulcer. My god that was terrible. Anyhow, I remember waking up that day and noticing what happened and sharing that great news with you and just laughing and happy. You made me some eggs and sausage or bacon and I went on to start my workday. It was a somewhat hazy gray day. Picking this back up. I had two dreams this week. I just told Kathy about them. Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day Mom. I remember I would send you some corny cards or flowers. I knew you always loved either. So in my first dream, I thought you were sick or something, but at the end of the dream, you walked into wherever I was and your face was all young and clear and you said, “I am not sick any more. It went away…” The dream ended by me just acknowledging that. Then this morning I woke up and the last thing I remember was me running into a room to see you and gave you a great big hug. It really