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Good Morning! Thankfully my job doesn’t have a really set schedule, so get to sleep in sometimes. It’s nice to wake up to the great weather we’re having these days. It both reminds me of fall and spring. The beginning or end of the school year. I was getting out of bed and just wondering how you got a 10 year old, a 5 year old, a 4 year old and a 3 year old ready in the morning while getting yourself together. That’s downright amazing to me. I can only imagine the mayhem you must’ve witnessed all the while probably just taking a moment and smiling and saying, “I love this life…” My hope is that what you did. Maybe somewhere in between the girls going into the notorious sock drawer to find two matching socks or me learning how to style my own hair, ha. The Spike compliments of Bob @ Village Styling. It is a really nice day here in Manayunk. Recently don’t really feel like it’s my “home” any more. Lots of things planned for the upcoming month. A few international trips. Looking forwa

She will walk on

I wanted to call you after my date last night. Not that it was like anything crazy, but always good meeting new people and saw my buddy’s ex and the bar was literally “hopping”. Ha. A cause for something related to bunnies and 10.00 donations got you a set of bunny ears and everyone had them on. Anyhow, beautiful night in the city. The REAL city. Ha. Finally finding some good places to drink and eat. Thought of calling you afterwards and on my way down. Just to tell you how beautiful it was on Kelly Drive. I loved taking you down that way cause it is so much better than 76. This last week has honestly been great. Things that were sucking the life and energy out of my daily life are gone. I have so much energy. Thank you for your help with Pop. He is doing well. I know you had a hand. I know he misses you. He told me about the last time he saw you as yourself. You were apparently standing in the doorway of his bedroom and saying, “Hey Pop”. And he told me quietly and privately, that

Reaching out

First time in a while I think all 5 of us have been able to see some light through all this and actually laugh again. Lots of hard times still to get through, but I think we rely on you for the strength you gave us on Earth and how great of a person/parent/mom/friend/co-worker/confidant you were. Lam just said something that I swear came right from your brain. I stopped and was like, man, it’s like you’re talking through us. Also just sitting here in amazement, and after talking to a close friend of yours, how you “mother’d” so effortlessly. She said she would call you in times of worry and you’d calm her down with a funny comment or just put life in perspective about things being overwhelming. That is SO you. Same to me with work. Hey, if they don’t treat you good, someone else will. It’s amazing how much advice you gave, without really giving it as advice. More of a sounding board. And man, you talked and listened with so many people. I think that’s the constant. You were someone’s “


I was talking to Kathy about how much you liked music and so many different forms of it. Thinking how you basically invented the “mom dance”, thinking how you loved sports radio and Rob and Mikey Miss. I know you didn’t get a chance to do and see all the things you dreamed of. I know that you were held back in a lot of ways. I know that you did the best with the constraints that were on you. I commend you on that. Really no free person should be held back from living a normal, happy life, but I guess that’s where God and fate intervene. In some ways I wonder what regrets you may have had. I think about how you would’ve been more open with the things you wanted to see changed and how you wanted things to just be simple and normal. So many things to think of. Also how much stress you were under for so long couldn’t be healthy at all. We talk about that often. Just like, what was really going on in your heart and your mind. I wonder if your heart was broken or filled with love from your