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August 2017

I will always remember that day we were sitting in that rental you all got that summer. I remember how muggy it was. I remember coming down there and it was just you and I. I remember we were just relaxing. I went and saw a friend that night. Kind of weird cause it was not planned. I remember I really had a good day and we were all in a good mood. You made me a nice little breakfast. That day was big for me and we got a chance to talk and just be happy..and then we went and had dinner at that Italian place. I don't remember it. I remember just being so elated that I couldn't even really remember walking. I remember getting a buffalo chicken wrap. You had some pasta. Of course it was too much for you. I remember the table we sat at. Families enjoying time and meals and just perfect. I remember just walking around OC after and just kinda floating. Content with the day and with dinner and hanging out. I remember calling Kathy and we were probably so loud and excited and crazy and


Out of nowhere a co-worker and friend, Melissa, yesterday asked me if I ever had a BLT with sweet corn. She's from Iowa and I don't know what goes on in Iowa. Ha. Very sweet person. Anyhow, she asked me if I ever had that and I am like, "yes, but not with corn on it..." She replied, "you don't put the corn on it..." and I immediately laughed. One thinking of some corn on the cob on some sandwich and just thinking of corn on a sandwich (yuck). In any case, she said I need to try it some time. It reminded me of those days I would stay home from school growing up. Watch the typical shows. Transformer and Tom & Jerry cartoons. Then probably Silver Spoons or What's Happening and you would make me a BLT. They were soooooooooo good. I could go for two these days. Any how, I can remember them so vividly. As the girls were running around destroying the house, the "prince" got to sit on the couch and enjoy his sandwich and TV. Those days it was j

I imagine...

I can only imagine this is where you are. I saw this tonight during class. I had to take a still. I imagine this is truly where you are. It was beautiful here earlier. Today was really busy with work and now with class, but I take my peeks. This sunset and the water...just perfect. I imagine you walking this beach as the sunsets. Maybe a good beer and a good meal at the Brick Alley and a good meal. Oh what we wouldn't give to have that time we all had that weekend. I wish I went up that time you and Lisa and the boys went up. I don't know why I didn't. I think I had something else going on or just wanted it to be you and Lisa's time up there. I know you're around. Send us some love. Bobby

Take Two

That title is actually from Pop Pop. He couldn't speak in his bed and he would mouth the word two and do the signal for two and that meant "I will have two beers and we'll go fishing..." Well, two years. How quickly life has passed. It seems like a blur. Today is definitely not a day of celebration. I hope that at some point the memory of this day is replaced with the memory of something so much better or that I just outright forget what happened on this day. It almost seems like I’ve been punked in the worst way possible. It’s sad to see others lose parents. It’s sad to see them struggle so much with this loss. Even perfect strangers I have come across or friends from the past who just write me and say, “I really miss my mom today…” And from that I will say, that’s completely normal. It’s still hard to explain to people that have their mother around. For some it was the father that was the rock of their family and they lose him; as a friend’s wife and a guy I went to