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 I am just trying to get the stuff I will wear in winter to be out being packed. It will be here soon. Haha. Anyhow. I’ve worn this hoody a handful of times. Only on special days. This and a Sixers tee are the last gifts mom got me. Mind you. There is a chance it’s never been washed cause I don’t wear it much. Anyhow. I’ve never used the middle pocket. I just don’t on this one. I reached inside the middle pocket and I’m like what is inside of here. It was sand. Sand. Since my b day is in summer I imagine mom had sand in her car or whatever and it was blowing around and got in the pocket. I had to sit down and just enjoy that. I sure know it didn’t come from me cause I don’t wear it in summer and don’t recall wearing it down the beach in the winter.


I was wrapping a bowl of tuna fish with some foil cause I didn’t have any saran wrap. Who the hell came up with such a strange name to call it that? Haha. The foil was popping off the top cause, well, it was a plastic bowl and it was in the fridge. I looked down and laughed. I said out loud, “you would probably put a rubber band around that bowl to keep it on and not think twice…” It’s about 8am, Friday, rainy, gray. I am getting through a transition of sorts; I hope to be the first of many. I definitely didn’t expect such a thing like shingles, but here we are. I wondered if at the most stressful times, did you have any outbreaks like this. I learned that I need to really separate myself from things. I know you and I talked about this many times. I don’t really know what the type of stress I put on myself does to my brain, but your passing is a cautionary tale of stress and worry. I said it to the ER nurse. When I started getting the shooting pains in the left side of my head and by