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I hope she liked the flowers

It sure feels weird that so much time has flown by; almost in the blink of an eye, we've gone through 4 years. I got a chance to talk to Aunt Bootsie this past Sunday. I came over to give her some flowers and a small gift. I was so happy she got a chance to go out with Beth, Chris, Harry and the kids. Malin is all over the world, but I know sent her love. I stopped in the Erin to get her a gift card. I pulled up on a sunny afternoon. The weather a lot more refreshing than the last time I was there...the day before my birthday, August 2nd. We had such a nice time. The spot that both of us were last at was wide open, so I pulled in and just sat there for a little bit...smelling the flowers I bought. I sat there just letting sun come directly on me and into the car. I really wasn't in a rush...cause it was all about birthdays, Aunt Bootsie's, Kane's....time with family. I thought about the day and night I was last there. I think I had the seafood combo. I think you had som


It’s been tough to think about what to write. I wish you were so here to enjoy the eagles run. I wish you were here to just see at all. I think about the last one. You were here. But we all hung at Matt’s and had such an amazing time. All surrounded by family and food and drink. I thought to myself. My mom would be in her glory. Matt and Cindy, as always, did an amazing job. As much as it was about a game, it was so much about generations and friends and family. I thought of you coming through the door. Like lam did. Carrying some bags. Tell Matt, “I just brought a little something and Matt saying back…thanks…” you patting uncle “Jimmy” or Jim as you called him on the shoulder. I just wish. You could’ve easily made the ride or now that we are in media could driven to us. Alas I dream. I thought of the call we had when they won. And us so excited but I could hear you so clear. I miss moments when I could call you and celebrate. I saw Nancy and Bob the other day. It’s like you’re there b