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Not that I would ever want to write about that day in any way, but that day, I guess, well, we all were somewhere, with someone, seeing history, unfortunately be made. I will never forget that morning. There was literally not a cloud in the sky. I guess I was like 24. I know I was working at Vanguard by then. I am pretty sure. I remember, that day, I was just sitting out front, cause it was so comfortable about on Grant Rd. The sun was perfect. The sky perfect. You must've been somewhere in the house. Not that you could get lost. I remember Dad was in his work jeans and sitting upright on his bed. I think all the girls were in school. I was done college. I have this idea of going back into the house and a "oh my God..." or a "Bob, what is going on..." For some reason I remember Dad just being fixated on the Sony screen. There weren't many words to echo during the time the planes were hitting. I remember one thing...the two of you on the bed, the brown and li