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The Working Girl

Thinking back to all the jobs you worked. I am amazed you could ever work a full time job anywhere with the five of us. And you started when we were all still pretty young. I remember the Island Road Super Fresh. Man. I can see myself walking in those front doors and going straight cause your deli counter was straight ahead. I would always do two things. Dip my finger in the pickle barrel and then ask you for a slice of cheese. You always gave me one. You would let me run around in the back and we would say hi to all the butcher and deli people. “Hi So and So, this is my son Bobby…” As years went it was, “These are my kids….Bobby, Lisa, Chrissy…” Ha. Next thing I know I am finishing out my senior year and I start a job at UPS. I don’t know why, but then also asked if you could get me a job at Super Fresh. By this time you were working at the 10th and South store. Man, what a cool place to work. I remember being so nervous cause I was starting on shifts you weren’t working and working w

The seeds were planted

I had a nice talk with Mr. Zinszer on Saturday. It was a really beautiful day. He was tending to his yard like he always has over the years. I dropped off a call with Pop and walked over to talk to him. He stopped and came right over to shake my hand. In so many years knowing him, I never saw him show many emotions. Always a pleasant guy who would say “Hey Bobby” as I came back from school/games/college/work. We talked about a lot of things in a short period of time. I really admire him for opening up about his own losses and how it sometimes doesn’t get easier, but we are asked by God to accept it. I’ve always had respect for him, but now it grew into admiration. Admiration for a man who was capable expressing such deep emotions that I can relate to. It was hard to be down and out on such a nice day. It had to be about 75, sunny, blue skies and the perfect day to do just about anything. I looked over at your yard and your plants on the steps. I could envision you coming out, cracking

Driving in Cars

Where do I start? Our family had so many cars over the years we could’ve rivaled any Delco used car lot. You literally drove anything on 4 wheels. Anything that could get you to work and get your kids home. Really, anything. I can remember the Red Plymouth with the roof you could pick off. God, that thing got so damn hot. The leather would burn your skin in summer. The Sunbird that I would scratch my name into the arm rest. Think it was like plastic. The Grand Marquis. Well, that was like repo’d in like a month. The Concord. Basically a tank on wheels. The Cougar from Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Not even sure that lasted long. We finally got the family van, The Windstar. My cool college car. Ha. Man. I drove that thing at night to UPS. I didn’t care. I think I took a few girls out in it. Ha. I know you drove Pop Pop’s Trailblazer around when you lived at the shore. All those rides up and back. Going to the shop and work. You loved your co-pilot, Meester Kenney. Man, I don’t know how you all d