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Ocean Drive

Hi Mom, hope wherever you are, you feel at ease and not stressed. Been reading a lot on how stress impacts the mind and body. It’s truly amazing what daily stress can do to our minds and bodies and our overall circulatory system. The body is amazing, but when under constant stress, it can just reject itself. I wonder a lot how much daily stress you were under. I know you always worried about money issues and the house. I think about what I have spent my money on in the last 20 years and I wish I could’ve just given it to you to relieve or stress or just to allow you to make a new life for yourself somewhere you really wanted to be. I can’t even imagine how much it weighed on you. In any case, I know you did your best to not have you weigh you down. I also know how much it hurt you to tell us many times, “well, that’s all I have to give…it was out of my pocket….” Even with that you always managed a card, a

Cardi P

I don’t know why this weekend was any more difficult than the last, but I guess it was all the excitement about the weather and what not. I think really the first weekend we got that was totally sunny and nice out. Lots of people posting pics about the shore and being at the beach. Lots going on in the city. For some reason just got to me and was really overwhelming. Not really excited to experience my first summer without you around. All the times you were looking out for all of us to just enjoy the weather and whatever was going on. Always inviting and friendly. Can’t even count how many times I would say I was with friends or whatever and you would say, “well bring them along….” In a way me not accepting that invite saved a lot of hassle. Sunday was super hard. I just thought about all the time I had spent out and about or doing whatever, as they say, “living life”, but thinking of where you may have been. If you were sad or happy. Maybe just in your head about wanting to change

March 30th, 2012 email

Always thinking about her family first....a nice big house and support. A class act. That's someone that loves you. Miss you Mom. Bobby From: "" <> To:  Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012, 7:44:35 PM EDT Subject: Re: stocks bobby you have been a great "grandson" and pretty much more than any of the others. that being said you have to know that deep inside...I know "I DO" don't look is what it is....I need a big tight rope around this family, it's a shame the way things play out...if I could only go back twenty some yrs age...that was my "camelot" anything after that I must say I must take with the horrible grain of salt...but cantastik island awaits and another summer at the jerzee shore...and ahaa to be by the sea...who could really ask for more....well some I know but not ME.. and after I watched that movie about Zuckenberger and the way p


DiOrio’s I went down to Chrissy’s to get my board so I have it whenever I wanna go. We went and had dinner at DiOrio’s. Lenny happened to sit us in the same spot you and I ate. Chrissy had no idea you brought me here and I had no idea it was your spot with her. I was just happy to be down for a few hours. We both got the filet sandwich and some beers. So good. I dropped Chrissy off at Clancy’s. Driving there saw so many happy families. I thought how happy you would’ve been that we could’ve just been together having a simple meal. I dropped her off and then went to Joe and Colleen’s. The drive there was utterly excruciating. As I type this The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald comes on as I listen to your service songs. Driving to their house I passed the Rite aid I went to from your little place. The wawa I walked to from your place. And where we got steak sandwiches. I couldn’t even bring myself to look down the street where the bitty was. I know that’s where you were so happy. I kn