Princess Di

A story from your friend Marianne...

Hi Bob! I spent the morning with a cup of coffee reading your beautiful stories on Patty by the sea❤️
I wanted to share one of my memories with you.
I won a trip to "Avalon" (The White Briar)🤣🤣 at 9 months pregnant. Ed would not give up a fishing trip to go with me😡. Patty came with me. She was 3 months pregnant with Lisa. We didn’t even make the meet and greet happy hour! All we did was sleep, sit on the beach and pop Rolaids. Oh, and run over a possum on the way to visit Joe and Mary! Ewww! Haha! Two weeks later she called me the morning of my due date with Tracy (June 21, 1982) to tell me Princess Diana was in labor! She told me to get out and start running the track behind my apartment building 😂 We wanted desperately for her to be born on the same day as the future ruler of England
But it didn't work.
I went into labor on Princess Diana's Birthday (July 1)
Figured that was a great date also. But Tracy was always her own girl. Born 3:18 Am 7/2, missing Di's birthday by 3 hrs 18 min.  Anything Princess Di reminds me of Patty. I think she looks just like her in this pic!


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