The Big O and Babies

Yesterday while we were are celebrating your beautiful life Owen came up to me and told me about the last time he remembered talking to you. He said it was Christmas of 2017. He said he had a new haircut. He told that as him and he family were leaving you noticed his haircut and said, “oh wow Owen, I love you’re new haircut...” I said you probably said “looking sharp” or “sharpy darpy” was a nice talk. Then I was talking to Uncle Danny. He was telling me that when Tiff was a baby she was crying a lot. Apparently they weren’t feeding her enough times or just feeding her formula. He was laughing cause he was like “how the hell did we know? We were so new at this...” so you told him to buy gerber baby food, but Tiff was still crying. So I think you went over there and you looked at the nipple on the bottle and said, “what are you dumb??!” Hahah. You told him to cut a hole in the nipple and she never cried again. Miss you Mom



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