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Sandy Lane

Hi Mom. Just stopping by to say hi. Been really hot here lately. I can’t even imagine you enjoying it being this hot. Like over 100’s hot. Been down the beach a lot. It’s really one of the few places I can get some peace these days. Lots of ups and downs the last few months. Just a lot of people missing their summer girl. I posted the audio of your message about heading down to The Biscuit. Gets me every time. I still don’t know what you say after you first get on. I wonder if you’re just shouting. I am definitely ready for change in just about all facets of my life. Some areas a lot more than others. Work is eh, work. Nothing much good there. Been riding my bike a lot and surfing as much as I can. Just can’t go into the gym with it being somewhat nice out. Malin’s graduation was really nice. It was hot so we were all inside. I got Mal and Beth a picture of all of you at her prom. It came out really nice. So simple. I wrote her a nice note and got a copy for Beth. I am not looking


I know you know what that number means.... So what would a summer be without mentioning all the fun we had when we were growing up in Folcroft. Before I get started, I got a chance to go down to the beach. I got the big board in the salty water and man, it felt great. I couldn’t even sleep the night before. I felt like I just couldn’t wait to get down to the beach. Really any beach would’ve due, but I like the scene in Brigantine. So chill. Beaches are great. Waves are good. Anyhow, I was talking to Kathy Malin before I left my truck. We were talking about getting in the water and just some things about you. So I get on to the beach…after that longass walk. And I see a plane flying over and it says, “Battling Cancer…No one fights alone…” Then I am in the water and I see a huge sting ray just gliding by me. In 41 years of going to the shore, I never saw one. Then I saw a woman in a white cover-up all the way back on the beach and she was acting just like you would. Looking down


I am home and having some beers after a long, but awesome day down the shore. I light a candle for mom on the weekend. The candle is typically calm cause air doesn't really blow in that area. So I opened my curtain just to see the summer sky and thanked her for getting me out of my rut and getting my ass out the door this morning and having the guts to do something I am very bad at and failed in front of tons of people but kept trying. As I was breaking down crying, the flame in the candle went crazy back and forth. There wasn't an ounce of wind blowing near me. Chrissy and I talked about you often today. It literally was the perfect beach day. I got down early to Sandy Lane and finally got my board in the water. Since last summer was a wash, it felt great to be happy again....down he shore...where everyone should be happy. I left and met Chrissy over at her place and we hung down at her beach. How you gonna be on the beach taking a selfie?! Hahahah. One of a kind mom. I know

Hong Kong

Hot and rainy here today Mom. Actually don’t mind it after blazing heat the last few days. Last night I order some Chinese food. Of course I immediately thought of all those times you would get Chinese. So many places I think. Seven stars. I think that place actually looked Oriental. No. 1 China near Subway and then Hong Kong. I told Lisa last night, “I wonder if they are thinking what happened to our number 1 customer, Mrs. Patti. That’s all you really liked to splurge on, clothes and food. You even enjoyed going to thrift and consignment stores if it could save the family money or it would allow you to do more for your kids. Really speaks volumes of you. Anyhow, I remember you would leave me a little bit in the container. Typically shrimp fried rice. As Lisa said, “she would pay the extra 2.00 for extra shrimp…” I can’t even say the last time we sat down to have Chinese food together like I did when I was a kid. While that bums me out, I know you enjoyed working a hard day, coming ho