Up the coast....to Newport.

Remembering our first trip to Newport. I think I was still traveling for work and had good amount of points. I was able to use them to take the train and the first night hotel. I think we went up on a Thursday. We took the train from Philly all the way up the eastern corridor to Providence. We had some lunch on the train. I think I may have worked. It was such a nice ride and a nice day. I remember thinking how much you would enjoy going up through New Rochelle, New Haven and Bridgeport. Especially because the train gets so close to the coast. Like you can literally step off the train and can walk on to the beach. It wasn’t really that sunny when we passed, but it was warm. We got off in Providence. A small station that is kind of like a round house. I remember telling you I didn’t feel well from that lunch. You were like “oh no”. We lugged our stuff to a cab that dropped us off at the Hertz station to pick up our rental and then we were on our way to Newport. I remember you freaking cause I was driving too fast. “Ohhhh be careful Bobbyyyyy…” Haa. And you sometimes grabbing the “oh shit” handle. We got to Middletown to drop our stuff and then we went over to let you finally see Newport…..and my were you in awe. I will write more about our first visit, but this is good for now. We all miss you Mom. So many people are pulling for you. People that I haven’t spoken to or heard about for years. It’s really great to see the people who really step up and are actually there for us. Love you, Bobby.


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