Shrimp Tacos

I remember when we were coming back from Mexico and we were all at the airport and I ended up taking too much short acting insulin and I get up to walk around the corner and fall flat on my ass only to wake up to Mrs. Hallahan’s arms wrapped around me and sweating my ass off and the worst headache of my life. Your flight was leaving but instead of leaving me you stayed behind. We needed staying at this cool little hotel down the road. You always raved about how old their shrimp tacos were. No matter where we went you would always say, “how bout dem tacos in Mexico when you got sick?” That was a cool time even though it was under bad circumstances. We all knew how much you hated flying....but we wanted to go so many more places. At least we all got a chance to have fun during that trip. Definitely lots of good pictures. The days aren’t getting easier but I see some signs here and there. I hope that you are smiling down on all of us cause we all need it. By the showing of people and so much love, I know we aren’t the only ones hurting. Love you Mom.


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