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Won't you be my neighbor? Oh please won't you be...

I was talking to Nancy about what you would be saying during all this. I was transported to some a moment in time. A moment I don’t even know if it really happened. It’s mid-day, around 530-6, you are driving me to some practice. I want to say basketball practice at the hall in Old Folcroft. I told Nancy I had this vision of us driving by and seeing her, doing something in her front lawn, you slowly pull up, say something like, “look at this bitch and her plantation…”And Nancy replying back, “oh you know what Malin…..” hahahah. I can hear her voice. I can hear your voice. Maybe both of you with poofy 80’s/90’s do’s. Of course we were driving some beater. Probably the Caprice Classic with the felt seats and scabbed brown paint. I can see you chatting with her, “saying, I gotta drive the prince to practice…” I would typically just say Hi and then be silent, minding my own business while you guys caught up. Some quip about the street, the neighborhood, who is doing what, who moved out


I remember when Michael Jackson was really popular. I remember McCrory’s having some circular with the glove and his jacket; in red and black no less. Man, I remember me and guys used to steal so much from that place. A UNLV bucket hat here, a Georgetown tee there. That place did have everything. I remember begging you for the jacket. As terribly gay as that sounds. I remember you not really relenting. It may have very well been summer. I don’t know why. I guess I was just really into him at that age. I think I was like 8-10. Not sure. I think out of nowhere, I somehow got the glove. I thought that was so cool. Hahaha. I remember that glove against my skin. God. It was so cheap and flimsy, but I can still feel it. And seeing it shine like one of Liberace’s outfits. So gay. Haaaaaaaa. I remember running around with it. I made some cheesebread last night. I can’t believe I am writing this. I still love that shit! We took it up a notch and added sausage. Cheesebread 3.0. Man did that sh

Time is of the essence

I know you didn’t like doctors or hospitals, but if one of us, had some issue or whatever, you’d tell us to go. I know that you didn’t want to get any tests done or take stuff. I guess that’s where my wondering is. You had 5 kids, all had doctors, all born in hospitals surrounded by medical personnel. All were healthy (I think). Aside from some minor things, all came out good. I know you had that issue with blood clots in your 40’s or so. I just don’t get why you couldn’t get an annual checkup. I know there’s a huge chance that your situation wouldn’t have been caught, but there is a chance that it would have. I get angry when people suggest that it would have never been picked up. I wonder why taking care of YOU wasn’t more of a priority to you. Maybe you were thinking like many, you’re going to live forever. I get that. I mean, but today, I NEED doctors. I need medicine. I need care. Many do. Like many. I can count on more than one hand just out of our family. I guess it comes do