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I was talking to Theresa over messenger. She's meeting up with some of your old high school friends soon. We met up with Joe and Colleen and had dinner and had so many laughs and such a great time. It was just such a great time to see them, talk about old times and stories with you, Pop Pop, Mom Mom and Kathy. It's a cold, gray, day. I am in class, but I am not into it. Bia has her cheer team on the field outside my window, but can't really see them. I was talking to Theresa about all your decor for the fall. I actually said to her, "she may have liked fall more than summer, but she'd never say that..." Like mom mom with her ceramics, I would say I took it for granted all the great decorations you always put up. From the simple door stickiers for fall. I will never forget those little rubber sticky leaves you would put up on the door. They were so colorful. And cant even get into the steps. So much color, so much life. Always just filled with love, color, life

List Frank

You popped in my head when I saw this older black woman in the aisle I was in at Acme. She was so petite and cute and I could see she not only had a list, but it was on some fancy note paper with some type of picture in the corner with the list lines printed. Granted I know you always just pulled out of a copy book or wrote it down on the back of a receipt, atm receipt, marlboro box, cereal box, etc. Many times with the beautiful weather we've been having after some terrible rain, it is easy to be grateful of all the time we had. When hard times come, I have a quick, "can I get through this?" and most of the time it's a resounding yes. I think of the times when you went through some rough patches, questioned things, wanted to run, but were always there for your kids, and I think about the present and if something bothers me, is it really something that bothers me or is it something I can just get past and move on. The old, tomorrow is a new day seems to hold true. The