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Something going around...

 As I am sitting here on such a beautiful early June day, I am still getting over a nasty virus. I always would remember how closely you would listen to us tell you about our ailments and if it was a cold, bug, etc, the same would always be said first...."well, there's definitely something going around....(insert local friend's or friend's kid's or grandmother or aunt name) got it bad....." I would have to say this one was as bad as 2009 one, really last time I felt like this. In any case, over the course of the last two weeks, a certain peace settled in to not having to worry about anything, anyone other than us, getting better and just relaxing. I laugh at the thought folks just think life is supposed to be about 40 hours of some job, sleeping, eating. There is just so much more. I was also happy to not have to talk about work with anyone the last 2 weeks. I really don't care. Really, in your 40's, I almost think no one cares what you do as long as y