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I was laughing the other day when I was cleaning my bathroom. I somewhat let it go a whole 2 weeks without being sanitized. haha. you would keel me. Many times I think of you coming to our complex, possibly living here. I know you would've loved it. I know you would love the laid back life here, the breeze, the shade, my little side of the woods over here, Bia's "penthouse" view. it's all just great. Part of me wishes you saw the value in renting. The quality of life value. Legit pay your rent and they take care of everything else. I now have so many friends renting and they love it. Of course you wanted your house by the sea, but who could blame you. We all did. I am really not even certain I will buy where I am. I really just don't know any think about coastal waters. I wish I could've facetimed you from Pralle's daughter Kendal's graduation. It was such an amazing day. A Pralle Day. Haha. No, but for real, just so much love. So great to see Mara