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Extra Shrimp

Talking to Kathy last night and I said you would probably come to the door to pay for your Chinese food and look at the guy through the glass and have one hand covering your nose and mouth and barely stick your hand holding the cash and saying, “ooooohhhhhh...I don’t wanna get that corona novel Covid 9 whatever....gimmeee my shrimp fried rice Mista Wuhan Chinese delivery man....keep the change I don’t want to touch it...” We were laughing. In times of panic you were always there to make a funny comment or make light of the situation. I miss that. I would give anything for some of your cooking and conversation. You’re missed so much. 😞 Keep us safe from this insanity. With all that has been going on in the world, I forgot to add this one to your page. Watch over us. I imagine by now you would've probably called us 170 times worrying. I miss that. You were always looking out for us, not matter what. Heck. You looked out for everyone. Such a helping and caring person. It&

The Deep End

You would be calling all of us telling us to stay home or just come over and hang out and have some dinner and hunker down during all this nonsense. I think about how many times you knew one of us was doing something risky or somewhere else besides Delco. It's been a weird week to say the least. Everyone panicked about this Corona virus. I can hear you saying to make sure I have some hand sanitizer, but that it would make my hands "razy". I can also see you laughing at the hysteria of people scouring the supermarkets for doomsday supplies. We definitely are at the point that staying home is good if you don't need to go out. I kick myself for not coming to the house more in the last 10 years. I realize I came over after I got back from my trips with a magnet for you. I remember the last ones to Detroit and Pensacola and Chicago. I always thought you would've gotten a kick out of traveling, but never on all those planes. It's weird not hearing from you. It was s