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Cantastic Island

I had these pictures saved here to write about Cantastic Island aka The Can but never did. A cold and rainy day here in Delco will help with that. I really have little desire to hop on laptop and learn. Haha. You are thought about so much. Stef sent us a great picture that I never saw that I will post some time. It’s things like that that I remember better times where tragedy was not present.  I know how much you loved that little trailer. I can still feel around with my hands to feel the tweed floor liner, the “pinees” that dropped from the skies and into the trailer, the countertop that mom mom was always leaning against and my two little sea fairing captains; clothed in their yellow and navy blue captains coats. I remember actually going there one time with an ex when I was 28-29 and man it was rocking and rolling the next morning. I don’t remember falling asleep but we woke up with back pain from sleeping on the front bed. Haha. Poor pop pop. Such an early riser and disheveled just