First I would just like to thank all the friends and family for all their never-ending support and love over the last 6 months. This has truly been a trip through darkness. My Aunt Kathy, Taddei and Malin, both said to me, “it doesn’t make sense….this is senseless…” And it is. I don’t think we will ever make sense of it. What I do know is that my mom made a positive impact on so many people. From Island Road to Rhode Island and from Darby to the United Kingdom, I’ve received messages of support and love. It’s amazing. And from our Philly-Delco crew, that feeling that someone is always there for you when times really get tough never dies. Like my dad said to me a week or so ago, it’s been a wild ride. Two young adults with 5 kids before 30. The seven of us basically all growing up in that little house at 988 Grant. He and my mom did the best they could to help us through life. They also empowered us to go out into the world and make the most out of our time and our travels. I now want to take a moment to thank my four sisters for all of your help through this journey. You are truly your mother’s daughters and the true embodiment of courage, tenacity, determination and love…..just like mommy. You never stop fighting until the fight was done. I wouldn’t trade you for an army of brothers, but I still want my own room in the second life. If mom could see all the love, support and respect here today, I think she would have two things to say…..Hoot Hoot…. 


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