I am remembering the time you first got The Bitty. You had loaded all your stuff up in your car and were heading down. I got a call from a trooper that said you had been in an accident. Obviously my heart sank quickly, but in the background I could hear you laughing and saying, “that’s my son!” So a sigh of relief came over me. So the trooper tells me that they are gonna get you a tow to the local Wawa and you’ll be there. So I went out the night before, but jumped up and got my stuff on and I think even packed a small bag to stay over with you. Really not sure where the hell I would be picking you up at or where we would be going. So I am flying down to BumbleF town in whatever part of Jersey you were stranded and I pull up and I see you….At first I laughed, but then a huge sadness came over me. Like Chrissy said, “you do anything to get to the beach…” Even if that meant holding an umbrella over you to protect you from the sun while all your goods were spread out in the grass for all the Wawa customers to see. I can hear you now saying, “Oh, I don’t give a shit…I’m going to the beach and those bitches are staying here…..” I am laughing just as I type. So I pull up to you and I was expecting you to really breakdown. Just the moment of “why me God?...I just wanted to go to the beach and stay at my little rental for the summer. As soon as I opened the door and got out and you turned around to see me, you had a huge smile on your face and said, “Oh Hi Bobby…..can you believe what happened?....” I just shook my head and said, “let’s get the hell out of here…I don’t even know where I am….” We loaded all your stuff up in my truck and we were southbound to the OC and your little place….The Bitty. I am happy I got the chance to spend a few weekends there with you. It was very peaceful and just very laid back and comfortable and I wish you went back there cause it was YOUR place. No one else’s and I found comfort in knowing you always loved being there. I can’t wait to tell you this story the next time I see you. Miss you Mom.


  1. I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

  2. Definitely brings out all the emotions. She's a tough cookie!


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