The Working Girl

Thinking back to all the jobs you worked. I am amazed you could ever work a full time job anywhere with the five of us. And you started when we were all still pretty young. I remember the Island Road Super Fresh. Man. I can see myself walking in those front doors and going straight cause your deli counter was straight ahead. I would always do two things. Dip my finger in the pickle barrel and then ask you for a slice of cheese. You always gave me one. You would let me run around in the back and we would say hi to all the butcher and deli people. “Hi So and So, this is my son Bobby…” As years went it was, “These are my kids….Bobby, Lisa, Chrissy…” Ha. Next thing I know I am finishing out my senior year and I start a job at UPS. I don’t know why, but then also asked if you could get me a job at Super Fresh. By this time you were working at the 10th and South store. Man, what a cool place to work. I remember being so nervous cause I was starting on shifts you weren’t working and working with the legendary Jack Fitz. Feel like the dude even smoked in the store. Ha! I was on produce. I think I lasted a month if that. I couldn’t do UPS and there and PSU-Delco. I feel like you were there for about 4-5 years. Then it was on to the Manoa store. You really seemed to find people there that were like you. Hard-working, fun, family oriented and just nice people. As you said to me many times, “do your 8 and skate!” I remember I would pick you up from that store so many times. I remember I would stop in and walk to the bakery and deli area. I think that’s when you first started transitioning to the bakery division. You seemed to seamlessly make the change. I know you hit a little snag when you couldn’t drive there, but again, got on public transportation, and got to work. You beat all the odds as usual. I remember you talking about “Baby Girl” and Anne Foley as your buddies and how they would talk and laugh. Always put you in a good mood. People that really enjoyed your company and loved you so much while you were there. I know you did a few moonlighting gigs at other stores. You literally went to where the work was. Never once complained about it. You moved on to Super Fresh Ocean City. I don’t recall that job too much cause I wasn’t down there as much. I know you liked it because you were with Pop Pop and living a great life at 3rd and Asbury Avenue. I know you did love living there with the girls and Pop Pop. That place was such a warm and safe place for you. I always was calm and at peace that you were there. I wish you stayed at that house. It seemed to suit you and Pop Pop. You guys kept coming back to Delco so he could “run the shop”. With what transpired, I wish he just closed it up and you guys lived down the shore forever. I don’t know why we didn’t just close the bridge back to PA cause everything was in Jersey at the time. You came back to PA to work a few years and then back to the shore and worked at Shop Rite Marmora. I remember how much you said you liked working there with that crew. I can’t recall all their names, but do remember Paige and the other girl. You always seemed to enjoy that job in the bakery. I remember coming into the store several times. I actually went down there a few weeks back. I walked right past the bakery. I felt like you were behind the counter. You were living back at the shore and seemed to really like that life. Years later you started cleaning houses. I know it was tough on your body, but you seemed to like the flexibility of working at Heather’s and I feel like you went back there because you had a bond with her and the family. You always worked your ass off. You could outwork most men I know. Never once complained. Did your thing and got back to your life. Either with the kids, or cooking at 988 or running to see someone somewhere, helping Pop Pop, helping Lisa or Bia with the kids. Coming to meet me for some late lunch or early dinner after work. It gave me such a new perspective that really a job is really such a means to an end. I could go on and on as to how minimal an actual job is in the grand scheme of things. I know you just saw it as a way to provide for your family and later…to gain your independence and freedom. I know you worked so hard for your independence. I am so proud of the person you have become. We all miss you so much. I am just happy I have such vivid memories of my time with you. Love you Mom. Bobby


  1. There is no one like her. She worked her little tush off that's for sure and she made me LOVE going to work when I was working with her or Ann Marie! Nothing but laughs and pep talks from the best ever. That's my Deli Momma <3

    1. So great to hear that. She made an impact on others and that makes me happy.


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