Crab Cake

Just remembering all the times we would go out to eat. So many cool places. Brick Alley, The Oyster House, Black Pearl, Sona, Iron Hill, but ironically I think you loved Ruby’s the most. Ha. Always said, “I think I have that 20% off coupon…” Ha. Ahh. I wish I could take you out to lunch or dinner today. It’s cold and gray at home. You’re still down in Atlantic City. I hope just taking a long nap…a nap you have needed for 60 years. The last year I do think I noticed you would get really tired right after you got home. Part of me wonders if something was brewing. Anyhow, when we’d always go out to eat you always have coffee with your meals. It really never failed. I am sad I don’t really have any pictures of us actually at a table. I always thought in the back of my head, I should ask the waiter for a picture. And always I would say, “well, this won’t be our last meal….” And here we are today. I remember when we first went into Brick Alley. You were looking up at the ceiling at all the things that were hanging there. I remember when we went up with Kathy and she go the blueberry beer and we all had such great food. I wish I could just do that again. All leaving full, happy, and free to do whatever in that little New England town. Miss us having our crab cake sandwiches at Sona. I remember the last two times we were there. I know we got into a little disagreement. I remember when we left. There was a place selling crab cakes across the street. It was odd to me because I had never seen it there. We walked across the street and just down to the canal so you could take a quick “break”. I remember just being quiet and not really saying much. I leaned over to look in the water at the fish and the occasional turtle. I want to go there now. Just spend some time…remembering….a more normal time. A time that I did not believe would possibly be our last time really spending time together. You are so deeply missed. I hope you come back to us. Love you Mom.


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