Fall at 988

Today is like so many days I spent waking up at 988 Grant. All those years of school and then two years of college. I can really vividly remember it. So many times you were up before all of us. So many times getting us ready and getting us out the door. It's a beautiful memory I will always remember. Even when I was starting PSU-Delco, you would be up and ready to go.

It’s a beautiful day today....I imagine you waking up. Scratchy voice. Saying “Hi Lam”. "Hi Lisa...Chrissy....Bobby...Hey B.." Then goes down to make her Folgers. My god. The scent of that every day for like 18-22 years basically rid me of ever liking coffee. Always make a pot, but not drink all of it. I know you got heat over that a lot. Muddling around on your calloused feet from working so hard and being up on them all the time...trying to do whatever you could to make a better life for your kids and yourself. I can still see you shuffling around with your mom nighty. You have your coffee at the table. To me it's a series of different tables throughout the years, but I can end with the white one. The window is open but cracked so the cool morning breeze seeps in. Like right before the end of summer humidity comes in. It's fairly quiet to me because the last 10 years or so, just weren't as busy as those first 30. You're probably on the computer and not reading the daily times now. Haha. A few of her “habits”. Maybe open the door to let the sun in a little bit. Maybe putting some things on the steps to take up when you are starting to get yourself ready to go work. I think a lot about how much you worked. You really shouldn't have had to work as much as you did. I know it kept you busy and in last few years, gave you pride to have your own money and your own checking account. I was always so proud of you for doing that on your own. I even liked your fake looking TD bank card. Ah Mom. Where did the time go? Where are you at? We miss you so much. Please come back to us.

You end your morning...thinking to herself, this might be a great day for the beach....


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