LeBus - Manayunk

I remember the time we went to LeBus on Main Street in Manayunk. We sat by the window. I can’t really remember the day, but I think it was a weekday. We eyed up the menu. You ask for your standard, coffee. There weren’t many people there at all. You always love checking out new places for food. I think you ended up settling on some type salad with either cranberries or some fruit. You loved the breads, but didn’t eat much of them. You kept chatting the waiter up about different topics. As usual, you made him feel at home and like you cared about what he had to say. I know I was just sitting there like, “can I get a refill?” Ha. It was a nice time. I drove past there today and immediately got emotional. Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Perfect fall day in Philly. We keep fighting Mom. We are fighting things we never thought we’d have to fight.


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