In the kitchen

Sitting here thinking of how much you love to cook. Bia had a funny video of you “protecting your property” and creeping on the neighbors, but I am sitting here thinking how we never had any pictures or videos doing what you loved, cooking. Thinking about all the times you made such wonderful meals out of nothing. And man, that kitchen. Haaaaa. I also remember how much damn stuff you could stuff in all those cabinets. I used to think that one cabinet under the stove went to China cause I could never see the damn end of it. Pots and pans for days!! Haaa. Ah. What I wouldn’t give for a meal in that kitchen today….Hard to think about how many times I didn’t come over for whatever reasons. And there you were just looking for some company from your kids. I know life happens. I get that. I just didn’t think it would happen like this. You are still sleeping, but we are praying you wake up and give us a sign. 

Here's a good one of you and from what I see....two turkeys! Haaaaaaa. Meester Kenney bringing the bird out for Thanksgiving. You're so happy. 


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