Ace’s first piece of mail

You sent Ace his very first piece of mail. I put it somewhere and now I can’t find it and I’m so sad. I remember specifically saving even the envelope because it was your gorgeous cursive writing and it was official. Lol. I’m hoping it turns up at Christmas because I can picture it and it was a red envelope. I don’t know why but I have everyone’s first birthday card to him but not yours. So odd. Greeting cards are special to you so I know you MUST have given him one. I hope that turns up too. I did find a few I saved that you wrote to me. I thank you so much for how you love me/us. Thank you..... mother dahling (lol)

Love always,

Today while Bobby was over Ace just wanted him to hold him. While we both thought it was sweet I can hear you saying, “he’s spoiled....he’s always held. You’ll be sorry when you can’t peel him off of your leg going into kindergarten.”


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