Driving in Cars

Where do I start? Our family had so many cars over the years we could’ve rivaled any Delco used car lot. You literally drove anything on 4 wheels. Anything that could get you to work and get your kids home. Really, anything. I can remember the Red Plymouth with the roof you could pick off. God, that thing got so damn hot. The leather would burn your skin in summer. The Sunbird that I would scratch my name into the arm rest. Think it was like plastic. The Grand Marquis. Well, that was like repo’d in like a month. The Concord. Basically a tank on wheels. The Cougar from Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Not even sure that lasted long. We finally got the family van, The Windstar. My cool college car. Ha. Man. I drove that thing at night to UPS. I didn’t care. I think I took a few girls out in it. Ha. I know you drove Pop Pop’s Trailblazer around when you lived at the shore. All those rides up and back. Going to the shop and work. You loved your co-pilot, Meester Kenney. Man, I don’t know how you all did it. But you did. So typical. Don’t worry about the problem, just find a solution. Finally, you got your own car. The Toyota Corolla. You saved your own money. You paid with it all on your own. And paid it off! I was so proud of you. I always loved standing in front of my apartment at 4651 Umbria Street. You would text me that you were getting off 76 and I would look for you. Here you come up the street and a quick beep and then a wave. I would always point to the spot right on the street, but you would park on Dobson next to the school. I never understood why and I never asked. I knew you would never get my lock so I would always wait for you. You would text me before I came out and usually would be at my door and say, “Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy” and giggle. A quick hug and then you would head up to my apartment. You sure made the most of your days Mom.

Visiting family, in-laws, aunts, grand-kids, sisters and brothers. You NEVER complained about the trip because the destination was always love and people you care for. Seeing a smiling face was worth more than gold….and Chanel. Ha. Or any of us pulling up front to wherever you were living. Seeing you was like a lost boat spotting the lighthouse in the distance. Always there to guide us and let us know…we are never alone in this world.


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