Twelve Bells

I remember how many times Pop Pop would say “12 bells” when the clock hit 12:00 and we were at the apartment. Always the jokester. I was talking to Kathy about all the time we spent together. Especially driving up to Newport and the time up there. Like you tend to forget that you’re with people 24 hours a day. Or Mexico. That was so much fun. I wish we could’ve gone on a few more trips where you weren’t so scared to fly. Those times seem to fly by, but I feel good about them now. Like the drive up to Newport. Talking the whole way up, driving under NYC and through Connecticut. I could break that time out to hour long visits and that’s like 100 visits! Ha. So much fun. I tend to look at as many pictures of RI as I can. Always thinking how much you would like to see it. How me going there again will remind me so much of our special times there. I remember walking you all over town and your poor feet finally giving way. Basically telling me to slow down. We sure did make our way around that town. I guess, just like you and I wanted to show Kathy how special it is, I wanted to show you. Man did we see a lot. And all that food! Ah, good times I will cherish Mom. I know now there are truly reasons for everything. There are reasons why certain people stay in our lives and why certain ones leave. I know the last few years haven’t been easy on any of us. I guess that’s just part of life. I want to wipe out all of 2018 because it was a disaster, but in that wreckage, there have been so many great people that have come out in support of you and our family. Truly decent and loving people who generally care about people other than themselves. I am so thankful for that. The spirit and love I see in you, I have seen in other people. I’ve also seen the truly dark sides as well and thankfully, they are people that I can put distance between because they don’t belong in my life. Some people are just not meant to be in anyone’s lives. They don’t even know how terrible they are inside, but they can look around and see that no one is truly there for them. We’ve all been in your room the last few months. Taking turns, during the day like now, at night, overnight. For the first time I saw you as I remember you. Both your eyes open and looking right at me. I almost thought you were going to say something. Your lips and tongue appeared to be wanting to say something. It’s a gray day here at Taylor. Your room is comfy. As comfy as such a room can be. Been enjoying some good food from Double Decker. I wish I could just take you out of here and have lunch with you. I don’t know what I ever thought on the one time I think I said I couldn’t meet you for lunch or dinner. My own mother! Thankfully that only happened once because you are always great company and friendly. Shit…you made friends at LeBus and Sona and just about anywhere else you went. The true people’s champ. Never one to toot your own horn. Just thankful that someone listened and wanted to converse with you. Such a good listener. A good advisor. Not a know it all. I think that’s what I really get from people who know you. Your mom was always willing to listen to me. She was always a shoulder to lean on. You may not have been rich with money or materialistic things, but my God, you have more friends than the mayor! So many people who, 6 months later, still reach out to check on you. You truly are a lover of people and a lover of life. We’ll get through this because you have made us who we are and we’ve achieved some great things as a family and as your kids and that’s due to who you have helped us become. Of course we didn’t have it all, but we definitely have a special person in our corner. I am so happy I am part of your team. You’re one of a kind to which most couldn’t hold a candle to. We love you Mom.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this Bob. I did not realize how well you can put your thoughts down on paper.


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