The fight

It’s quiet in your room. Actually slept pretty well last night. All things considered. At this point you’re kind of super human, but I guess we knew that all along. Proving all the doubters wrong. Doing things many thought were impossible and fighting the good fight. We are all so proud of you Mom. I guess the mantra “never give up” is basically who you have always been. Temps dropping here and saying snow on the way. As always, who the hell knows what we’re going to get? I guess I will decided at some point to head back into the city. Getting real used to being out in Delco again. And who the hell knew that there were so many good places to eat?! A ton better than Manayunk!!! I can see you saying, “you’re crazzyyyyy Bobby….stay in the cittteeeee….”…, but man, so many great places to eat and lots of houses popping up. You would probably send me about 20 every day. Just like you did with the shore. Ah mom. We’ll get you your shore house someday. I know you want us to do it the right way. Always remember driving around in the dead of winter with you and you would have us make a detour to go see some house that you were all about. Typically one on the water. I can hear you now. “Will you look at this….look at it! Can you believe that? Bobby, some day that could be yours….and you can save a room for your mother…” In the last few weeks I have talked to a lot of people asking about you and how you’re doing and how amazing your fight has been. Also a lot that miss hearing from you because you are someone who actually inquired about their lives and how they were doing and listened. I really get that from a lot of your friends. I mean. I know how we talked a lot. Amazing how you would try to help some people you didn’t even know who I told you about. I get why people gravitated toward you and people, young and old, really enjoyed spending time with you. From Baby Girl to Miss Sug. So many messages of love and support and just care. Grown men crying when they talk about you and their own life stories of loss. That’s one that really hit home. Brought me to tears to see that, but it was the rawest form of emotion from this man who I would see running out to practice or games all my life on Grant Rd. It gave me a sense that, this is hard, it does make your knees buckle, but that you get up, stand up and fight on. I guess for me and many others, there is so much more we wanted to do with you. So much more we wanted to see together. So many more trips we wanted to go on and so many more family memories that we wanted to make. I know you’re all around us because we are just able to make it through each day dealing with this and able to smile and still laugh. That’s just you. While we have the most negative and sad situation going on, we’re still able to laugh and joke and talk about other people’s lives and what they have going on. In a way, I know that’s how you went about things. Life isn’t easy, but you can only make it so much harder for yourself before it’s just not fun. I keep thinking about the beach. I keep thinking about going somewhere warm and sandy and not being able to tell you about it. That’s no fun. You always enjoyed seeing pictures of all the places I went or really anyone went. You would text back, “Gorg”. I am SO happy I shared so many of my travels with you because I realize that’s what you do with people you care about, you share. I laugh thinking anyone tried to tell me otherwise, but hey, it’s not my fault I have a cool mom who gives a shit about my life?! Right?! As you would joke, “Bitches hate me”….hahahahahah. Ah, I miss the little jokes and your little jabs about me and the girls. You’re really one of a kind Mom. It’s very easy to see why so many people love you. When people love you, they let your loved ones know it. And we really know it. So many stories. Too many to write right now. Til next time Mom. Love you. 


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